A new start at Bowradise

Well it has been a very tough few months getting through summer. Living in a caravan in 45 degree heat, with a drying up creek, and patchy access to water, is not easy. My crops, and my body all copped a bit of a beating… It was hard. Thankfully relief has come with some really nice rain falling over the last couple of weeks.
With the change of season came a change of heart. I decided to move farms and leave Rollands Plains. With the farm owner going through a divorce settlement process, my future there was uncertain. Plus I didn’t really vibe on Port Macquarie… There is not much happening there unless you are loaded and retired… I need some soul and community in my neighbourhood.
A fantastic opportunity popped up with a dear friend Tom, who I partner with at all the markets around here. His family has a gorgeous farm in the Nambucca Valley inland from Bowraville (and Macksville). I am slowly transitioning up here and we have been working away breaking new ground and planting autumn crops. The farm is beautiful, basically like a retreat (hence the valleys nickname – Bowradise) and Tom is the most passionate and enthusiastic farmer I know! Together I think we can achieve big things.
As I am further north, driving to Newy to sell veggie boxes is no longer feasible, which is a bit sad… I was just starting to build a wonderful and loyal customer base. But I am all about local food and hope to start a veggie box scheme more locally in the future, and continue to do markets for the time being. The journey continues…

Rain falling over the new garlic ground and mandarin orchard in the Nambucca Valley

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