New year feels

I have to admit at the end of last year I was already feeling burnt out. Always so much to do, juggling a few other jobs, the intense heat, living in a caravan with no space for anything…. It’s been a tough gig. But I think I danced off all those bad vibes with my legendary crew over new years in the Hunter Valley. I’m back on the farm, feeling rejuvenated and enthused about growing and a change of seasons. Even though it is still unbearably hot, AUTUMN IS COMING. And that is exciting… it’s like a fresh start, getting ready to grow veggies which like the colder weather. I’ve just purchased seed for autumn crops – cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and lots of greens. I’ll start to sow them this week, transplant them into the ground next month, so as soon as the weather cools down they are ready to start harvesting.

I’ve had a bit of a break from the veggie boxes over the holidays and been trying my hand at some markets with the help of a dear friend, Tom (@fruitsandrootsfarmer), the most enthusiastic and amazing young farmer I know. We did Kempsey Riverside Market last weekend and Kundabung market but due to rain and holiday times, the markets were a bit out of whack, and we didn’t do so well. With a whole lot of produce to try offload, we set up shop at Crescent head beach… chilled, drank beers, listened to tunes, watched the surfers and chatted to all the vanners in the carpark. It was super cool, and although we didn’t sell much, we had a great time, chatted heaps about sustainability and farming with some real legends.

Chilling at crescent head
Kempsey riverside market while it wasn’t raining!

Markets are great but they are unpredictable. That’s why I like veggie boxes – they are all presold so there is no waste involved… I know exactly how much to pick. We are going to keep hitting the market scene to try find a good one, but now I am ready to get stuck back into the boxes and I am excited to share summer veggies with you. To get more info about the boxes, click here


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