The first veggie box to Newy.

It’s been three months in the making. I’ve been slogging away at this farm – making beds, sowing seeds, watering, weeding, waiting, hoping that things would finally come together… When I heard a friend was having a house party down in Newy, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to get down there, sell some boxes and party.

It was a rough two days getting these boxes together – because I don’t have a coolroom yet and the weather was steamy, I had to harvest Friday night when it cooled down – I was out there from 6pm til midnight with my head torch, bugs flying in my eyeballs, starving, pissed off yet pumped at the same time. I called it a night at 12am, slept for 4 hours, then got up to finish harvesting the super sensitive greens, like lettuce, basil and rainbow chard. I finally got in the van to cruise, on time at 6am, and thankfully my excitement and desire to make some cash made the 3 hour drive easy!

I set up a little veg pick up point at Centennial Park in Cooks Hill…. Pretty busy being a Saturday morning, definitely sparked some interest from people walking their dogs. The sun was out, the tunes were on, friends showed up and picked up their vegetable boxes as a market style pick up, with a free jar of pickles or pesto and banana bread included. The vibe and feedback was great.


So stoked to reach that milestone…. To finally share my hard work and produce with my favourite homies. It’s a good feeling. I packed up, headed to the White Noise house party to finally relax and blow off  a LOT of built up steam…. my day was filled with beers, Pimms, nachos, dancefloor bust outs at the Coloursound day party, a heavy metal band at the Small Band Room next door, some late night karaoke and a long, tiresome walk home 12 hours later…… Thank you Newy, you were just what I needed.



A fleeting moment of sophistication and class at the White Noise party….Who said farmers don’t have fun?


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